Zebulun Koenig

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Welcome to zebulunkoenig.com, a website dedicated to the career of entertainment professional Zebulun Koenig and his profound interest in film and television. Zebulun realizes that many people want to learn more about the industry, and he hopes to provide high level takes on what it is like to participate in entertainment. As a film enthusiast as well, Zebulun Koenig has always been interested in movies, both critically acclaimed and films considered “hidden gems”. To this point, Zebulun will also include reviews, highlights, and summaries of some of his favorite works from the perspective of an industry professional.


Hailing from the Land of 10,000 Lakes and now living in Los Angeles, Zebulun holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Screenwriting & Film. Zebulun Koenig has always been inspired by films; particularly how story-driven work can immerse the viewer into the world the film has worked to create. For example, he was inspired at a young age by Spielberg’s “Hook”, and he has maintained an interest in the development of stories for the silver and television screen to this day.

Zebulun Koenig has experience working for studios (Warner Bros., Skydance Media), Production Companies (Adaptive Studios), and Talent Management Companies (Trademark Talent). His roles in these various aspects of entertainment emphasize his versatility. Zebulun particularly enjoys the collaborative nature of his business. Each facet of the industry may be different, but they are all vital and inherently connected. The many moving parts that come together for the development of television and film are of interest to Zebulun, who maintains that each level cannot truly succeed without great output from the others.

Zebulun realizes that he is motivated, not only by the work involved in creating television and movies, but the characters and stories within them as well. For example, when Zebulun needs inspiration or motivation, he turns to his favorite fictious character, Rocky Balboa (created by critically acclaimed actor, Sylvester Stallone). Reason being is that many of life’s most difficult lessons can be viewed through the lens of the eight Rocky films, and the enduring Rocky Balboa always gives his all when tackling challenges. Zebulun notes that his favorite quote in the series is from the sixth film. In an iconic scene, Rocky tells his son “… But it ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.” Zebulun finds inspiration in this quote because he feels is accurately summarizes what is necessary to succeed in personal and professional endeavors.

Future Topics

Zebulun acknowledges that his experience in the entertainment industry places him in a position to speak on a variety of topics linked to film and television. On every level of the industry, people are constantly working on how to bring their craft to the next level. New actors are making attempts to be seen and advance their careers, screenwriters want to be able to showcase their talents, and a revitalized emphasis on story-driven content has made individuals involved in development reevaluate their techniques. Zebulun Koenig believes that, through high level explanations of his industry, he can give back to the community that has already provided him with a range of opportunities.

Zebulun Koenig will update this website with topics that provide an overview for a variety of topics. This will include tips for writers working on their storytelling abilities, information on how actors can get their footing, and ways people involved with technical work can advance. As a film and television enthusiast himself, Zebulun will also provide reviews and deep dives of some of his favorite works.