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Zebulun Koenig


About Zebulun Koenig: Balancing Creativity, Organization, and Passion for Entertainment

Introduction: A Storyteller’s Journey Hailing from the scenic land of ten thousand lakes, Zebulun Koenig, better known as Zeb Koenig, is a highly accomplished Executive Assistant/Coordinator in the entertainment industry. With an inherent love for storytelling and an impeccable knack for organization, Zebulun has charted an impressive course in music, film, and television. This unique biography delves into Zebulun’s present roles, career progression, academic background, philanthropic pursuits, and personal interests, painting a vivid portrait of a dedicated professional.

A Journey in Entertainment Zebulun’s career has spanned diverse realms within the entertainment industry, providing him with invaluable experiences and insights. Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Screenwriting & Film from Metropolitan State University, Zebulun embarked on an extraordinary odyssey fueled by his passion for crafting compelling narratives. The iconic adventure film “Hook,” directed by Steven Spielberg, served as a catalyst, igniting his unwavering fascination with the art of storytelling for the silver screen.

A Well-Rounded Life Beyond his professional achievements, Zebulun finds solace and fulfillment in his personal pursuits. He cherishes physical fitness, regularly engaging in mountain hiking and running to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When the sun is shining warmly, you’ll often find him passionately cheering on the Los Angeles Dodgers, his beloved baseball team. Additionally, Zebulun has developed a profound appreciation for the craft beer industry, delighting in exploring various breweries during his leisure time.

Expertise, Passion, and Curiosity Zebulun possesses a vast array of expertise and interests. Alongside his deep involvement in the entertainment industry, he nurtures a genuine passion for philosophy, constantly seeking knowledge and pondering life’s profound questions. A dedicated sports enthusiast, Zebulun closely follows the illustrious career of Aaron Rodgers and holds a keen interest in football and baseball, with a special fondness for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Furthermore, he is an avid reader, finding great pleasure in the works of acclaimed author Stephen King and the art of screenwriting exploration.

Building a Legacy of Excellence As Koenig forges ahead on his professional journey, he remains steadfast in his commitment to achieving new milestones and contributing to the success of the entertainment industry. Through his dedicated work, he harmoniously combines his passion for storytelling with exceptional organizational skills, ensuring seamless operations within the realms of music, film, and television.

A Life Well-Lived With a profound belief in the virtue of moderation, Zebulun embraces his leisure time by immersing himself in the breathtaking beauty of nature, exploring national parks, and reveling in their serene tranquility. His love for stories, particularly those crafted by Rod Serling, Jonathan Nolan, and J.J. Abrams, fuels his imagination and continually ignites his passion for screenwriting.

In conclusion, Zebulun personifies a determined and accomplished professional within the entertainment industry. Through his extensive experience, educational background, philanthropic involvement, and diverse range of interests, he continues to contribute to the vibrant fabric of the entertainment world. With an unwavering spirit and resolute dedication, Zebulun paves the way for future generations, leaving an indelible mark on the industry he cherishes deeply.

Zebulun Koenig | Executive Assistant/Coordinator — Entertainment



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